Welcome to Plain Macaron, a site for jQuery UI widget proliferation!

Our Controls

Plain Macaron jQuery controls are fresh and ready to be consumed by a website developer.

Our controls are a subset of a larger project known as The Mill UI Project. Each control is made with the intention of bringing simple design and function to your projects. These controls are fastened to the same principle as any other control that is part of The Mill UI Project: they are run-of-the-mill, but they are made with features that are supposed to make them contextually distinct.


Plain Macaron controls are customizable. Each control comes with a multitude of options. We want a web developer to be able to adapt one of our controls to a web page to his/her satisfaction. Our controls come with options that allow a web developer to change colors, adjust font sizes, add an icon image, use custom classes, select different display styles, and more.

Check out the controls page to view documentation, try controls, and see different stylings.


You may contact us if you have any questions regarding our controls. Please, visit the contact page to do so.


To obtain a software license, visit the permission page.

New Controls

Try our modal notifier plug-in. Choose either display style 1, display style 2, display style 3, display style 4, display style 5, or display style 6.

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Also, check out our mailing list plug-in. Choose either display style 1, display style 2, display style 3, or display style 4.